Sometimes getting to Manly after school is not so trivial - traffic isn't great, timing might not work, or simply - OOSH might be more convenient.

TinkerTank offers an after school bus services that operates to several local schools. These schools are on the run because they either have several students attending TinkerTank from the school and use the bus service, OR the school community has requested a bus service to be available. 

In some cases, busses are not booked, but the service is available online. In this case, bookings made the day of the service might not be immediately available. We will contact you in this case. We can confirm a service booked 48hrs in advance will go ahead.

In cases where there is only one booking, the service will NOT go ahead until we have the numbers. Ask about out incentive program when you enquire! 

Bringing a friend always helps! Doing things together is always more fun. 

Spread the word, tell others. The more coming, the more fun it all is. 

If you have more questions, please message us. 

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