Having issues paying TinkerTank? I'm sure it's frustrating, and trust me, we're not fan of it either...

Fortunately - there's not too many reasons why payments might fail. It's generally one of two issues: Insufficient funds; or outdated/incorrect card information.

Insufficient Funds

The insufficient funds thing is really in your court - just add some money and we're good to go! 

If you're booking a brand new service at TinkerTank, then once you've added funds - go ahead and re-book in our booking system. 

If you had a failed payment for your existing membership - then once you've added more funds - just sit and wait - our system will automatically re-charge the card tomorrow.

Incorrect/Out of Date Card Information

This one is pretty simple to fix as well, if you're booking a new service just try and re-book and ensure the payment information is correct; often booking two or more services in a row confuses your bank, so you might have to simply try again and it will work.

If you're an existing member and you need to update your card information - that's okay! Just give us a call - 1300 670 104 - and we'll update it, securely, for you.

Multiple Failed Payments (MEMBERSHIPS ONLY)
Failed charged for memberships will eventually result in a cancelled membership. But luckily, we want to you stay, and we want to give you every chance to update your details to successfully pay for the membership. We'll automatically try to recharge your card - so try and let us know of any updates ASAP.

If you have tried everything - you can call (1300 670 104) or email us (info@tinkertank.com.au)

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