Our booking system at TinkerTank is made specifically for TinkerTank, it's unique, and special. It also has the occasional bug or flaw that makes it hard to use.

Whilst we promise you there will be continual improvement to our systems based off feedback from you, our customers and users, sometime it takes a bit of extra work to make everything go as planned. Here's a couple of common issues and solutions that are currently required by the system:

  1. Logging in, not working. Occasionally, Google or Facebook login fails. This is not always because of our system, Facebook and Google incur some of their own issues - if you can't log in using those two options (we recommend trying both) - then your best bet is to log in using the email option
  2. Forgotten password: this one is harder - at this stage, you cannot reset your password in our payment system. Please trying using a different email address, or setting up one that you can remember the password to. This issue will eventually be fixed, thank you for your patience in advance. 
  3. Can't find courses you're looking for: sometime you might not be able to find the course or activity you're looking for. This could be because you have a filter applied to your view. The easiest way to check is by looking at the top of the popup window and seeing if anything other than 'All' is selected, or if there is a word typed into the search bar. Select 'All' and delete any text in the search bar - all result will show and you will be able to find your course.

If you have any further issues, message us, or email: info@tinkertank.com.au

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