Sometimes things happen that means we need to apply a fee or charge. This is often out of our control, or there to ensure that we provide the best experience to everyone.

Our current fees and charges on-top of our base costs are:

  1. Late fee - $15 charged for every 30 minutes after the allowed pickup time.
  2. Memberships run on-going until you pause, this comes with an admin fee of only $5/ week. This will ensure your spot for when you are ready to return. 
  3. GST - turns out that we need to pay this, but really, since y'all loved TinkerTank so much you pushed us over the threshold, this is really your fault... Ultimately this is just an extra 10% you'll find on pretty much any Good or Service in Australia.
  4. Project Costs for Memberships - this one only applied when students identify and choose to do projects that require the purchasing of equipment or consumables in excess of $50. The fees will be calculated and discussed with you, the parent, before be make any commitments. TinkerTank will pay a proportion of the cost of parts as part of the membership.

If you have any questions, please contact

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