TinkerTank brings together the best minds to teach and to mentor our students. 

Our staff don't necessarily have teaching qualifications (although our structured content is created in collaboration with Teachers); but they are passionate professionals in their field. 

Whether they're experienced industry professionals (like out founder, Julija, who is a former Disney Animator!) or experienced students (like our Graphic Design Mentor, Matt, who is studying at UNSW Art and Design); our mentors LOVE to teach and their passion will come across in their teaching.

All of our staff have working with children checks, and are interviewed + trialled before becoming a member of our team. The goal is to find mentors that are excited, fun, knowledgable, and natural problem solvers. We don't expect the students to know everything, and we don't expect our mentors to either. As long as we can troubleshoot our blockades - we'll learn with the students!

In short, we're passionate, excited, and problem oriented. No lectures, no workbooks, no worksheets. Hands on, project based, fun, and flexible. Just as all education should be.

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