So, you're with the NDIS and have access to financial support. Amazing! We LOVE this initiative, and think that TinkerTank is a perfect fit for so many people - we want to encourage inclusion and accessibility to those that would get the most from TinkerTank. 

We are not a registered NDIS provider - but we can work within the system. Our system will allow for Manual invoicing on a weekly basis that can be send to you for payment. This payment can be processed via direct transfer, or debit card. 

This method should work within the system as it allows for Direct bank transfer options - and doesn't require a credit card payment. 

The initial payment of $45 for signing up will still occur via credit card - but after that first payment, everything can be done via invoicing and bank transfer - just send us an email and we'll update the payment method.

For help and support to utilise your funding with the NDIS program, just contact and we'll get straight to helping you. 


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