Birthdays @ TinkerTank ROCK!

Ready your robots, prepare for battle... music, cake, and friends! 

TinkerTank birthday parties are an awesome way to play with LEGO, learn about robotics and have a friendly Sumo competition. With two rooms, one for all the food, cake and parents; and another room for all the LEGO building and battle action - both parents and children have an awesome time.  Let us know if you would like a custom invitation made.

Contact us directly to book a TinkerTank party. 

What a party looks like:

  • Arrive 15-30 min before your 2 hour time slot. Lay out your food, and put up any decorations.
  • When everyone is here, we will have a 5 min orientation, and then get started on the FUN.
  • We start with intro to Robotics, with 1 -2 challenges.
  • Break for Cake!
  • On to SumoBots! 
  • Photos, and goodbyes! 

More info:

  • Duration: Saturdays 2 hours ( + 30 minutes setup)
  • Capacity: 25 Children
  • Cost: $450 + $45 per head over 10 children (+GST)

Please send notification in writing of any changes, additional children or cancellations. We would love to host your little ones next party!

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