Do you have an overflow or waiting list, and need a simple and exciting solution? We now offer a special opportunity for you and your facility!

What an incredible environment for students to learn!

Pick your day, and we will provide your School the ultimate learning experience.  We will work on multiple projects using Coding, Robotics and Design! Students can focus on the projects they love, or move onto something different! Everyday is a unique experience. 


  • Pick your day, and we will provide your school the ultimate after-school experience.
  • $360/Student for the term. (Minimum 20 students, 8 weeks)
  • FREE Professional bus service
  • 3 hours of care 3pm to 6pm (Late fees apply)
  • Coding, Robotics and Design.
  • Qualified children can participate on our Robotics team!

Our Studio Space

  • One of kind opportunity to propel your school to becoming the most innovative in your district.
  • We provide the equipment, space and lesson plans that align with the syllabus. 
  • P.D. and Studio training available.


We are different. Our approach to future proofing our children is through experiential learning. All while being encouraged and mentored to reach personal excellence. Knowing that your students are inspired to learn more, excited to build and create new things, and having the security of this, is beyond measure. We help your school to provide what you want for your students. To be prepared, kind and creative.

We have had a wonderful response to our OOSH package, please contact us to secure your space now


"What a fantastic opportunity TinkerTank has brought to the school system, a package that is unique, caring and low maintenance. It's just what we have been looking for."

“I was immediately struck by how sweet, friendly and open all the mentors were. Each person genuinely wanted to be there and had a love for kids. You could see it in their eyes with how they interacted and spoke with the kids.”

Bus Service may be available. Please contact us to arrange a visit, to find out our current availability - or if you have any other questions.

Can't wait to work with you and your crew! Email us for more details

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