Coming from a background that is rich with Tech and Arts, I am a massive advocate for integration of the arts into everything.

Arts is Creativity. Creativity is innovation. Innovation is our future.

When STEM was first introduced to Australia, it received little attention. Well, actually NO attention. So, imagine trying to create a movement around STEAM! We introduced STEAM on TinkerTanks’ opening day — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, and it’s certainly been a journey of learning and understanding. Introducing the Arts, or creativity to STEM is close to my heart, with out this, there is no innovation. The Arts are finally being recognised as a critical addition to future proofing our children.

Our future, and the future of our children will heavily rely on the basic life skills that are no longer taught in the traditional school environment. STEAM addresses this in unique and challenging ways — with skills like :

  • Problem solving
  • Critical thought processes
  • Creative approach
  • Design — thinking
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Growth mindset
  • Hands-on/Experiential Learning

We mentor all of this at TinkerTank in an integrated and super fun way — Project based learning through PLAY!

Why do we believe in this approach? This approach that supports passion, curiosity and imagination?


Our approach empowers children to have a growth mindset to be leaders and inventors.

Let’s create, not consume!

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