Incursion and excursion workshops

Robotics can be super-fun! We have a fantastic set of challenges for you and your students. At TinkerTank, we aim for programs and events that create a truly unique experience for all participants. We are the only Makerspace in Australia that tailors its programs towards children. All of our programs are focused on STEAM learning and team building, without the child realising that they are learning! 

How it works

We prefer to split a full day group into 2, this way we can do a morning workshop and then an afternoon session. We are flexible - talk to us!

Incursion (One Off) and Excursions (One Off)

Set up and travel fee of $150 

  • Weekdays only. 
  • 9:00am to 12:00 pm, and then 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm 
  • Our preferred max. is 20/workshop. 2-3 Mentors.
  • $ 50/  Student  (Half day) 100$/Student (Full Day)

Term Based

Set up and travel fee of $150 

  • Weekdays only. 
  • Lunch break/ After School/ Before School Robotics Club 
  • 12 Students with 2 Mentors.
  • $ 300 per student for the Term (10 Sessions)

We have options for the Holidays available as well. 

Sounds like fun? Let us know how we can customise your TinkerTank experience!

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