WHY TinkerTank is SO AMAZING!


Our approach is based on proven research; that students best learning experiences come from actively designing, creating, interacting and inventing. TinkerTank activities encourage social skills and teamwork, while teaching science, technology, engineering, art, math and literacy concepts.


TinkerTank offers a variety of activities designed to reinforce core competencies and curricula being taught at each grade level. Our programs can be customised based on the number of students, age and/or other special requirements. We adapt to your goals and objectives.


TinkerTank flexible curriculum allows Mentors to adapt to the needs of each unique group of students while allowing them to progress and explore at their own pace.  The curriculum is designed to benefit all students - gifted, traditional, and special needs students including sensory and autism spectrum.

Please let me know if you are signing up for this opportunity, and don't forget to tell your friends and collegues! 

Looking forward to hearing from you and your team!


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