At TinkerTank, we encourage students to build their skills, work in teams and have an awesome time.

There's no better activity than FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Year 4 to 8 and FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLLJr) Yr K to 4 for exactly this. TinkerTank is hosting teams and we're inviting your children to join.

Here's the details: 

  • Cost: $45/week  
  • Meetings FLL: Every Wednesday 4pm to 6:00pm, and 10am to 1pm every Saturday.
  • Meetings FLLJr: Wednesdays 4 to 5:30pm. Possibly meeting on Saturday close to competition.
  • When can you join: from the first week of August.


  1. If I leave for holidays, is that a problem? 

No, but membership isn't paused, this is like a sports team, you come along when you can. We do this because leading up to competition we'll be offering more meeting times and more staff to get everything in order for competition.

2.  My child is 1 year too young for FLL , 1 year too old of FLLJr, can they join? 

 Sadly, no. The rules are clear about age and team sizes. FLL Year 4 to 8 and FLLJr Yr K to 4.

3. Will I need to take any time off school? 

It is possible that the competition will be on a week-day during the term. If this is the case, we'll be giving lots of warning and providing notes if needed.

4. Can I (the parent) watch during meetings? 

This is OK, however we find that students work much better and focus more when their parents aren't in the room. We have two rooms at TinkerTank, you're welcome to hang out in the other room. But really, we're in Manly! Enjoy the sunshine and local food.

Let us know if you have any other questions! 

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